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    Presenting Budget & Forecast Variances

    Bill Markham



      I am trying do something that at first I thought would be easy, but I can't get the solution I am after.


      I have attached a qvw with a sample inline data load


      My sample data has

      •      A dimension of Area
      •      A dimension of Type with values of Actual, Budget & Forecast
      •      Values for Hours & Money


      And in the script I have created an additional Cross Table of the data, as somehow I felt that would help.


      The need is to present in a single table a summary of Actuals, Budgets, Forecasts & Variances as columns and Area / Type as Rows formatting the Money cells with £.


      My real data has many Areas, more dimensions and many more metrics than just Hours and Money.  Plus I need to allow for additional Areas and metrics being added to the source data and the table handling this automatically.


      It needs to be a single table as beancounters being beancounters, they will want to export it to Excel.


      Either a script or front end solution would be fine



      Any suggestions please as my brain has gone numb ?