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    QVW File Performance Issue - Open Document takes too long time on WEB

      Hi All,

      We have developed a qvw file for one of our customers and are facing a problem when deployed on Production Server.

      Every time we open the document on web browser IE 7.0 (IE-Plugin), it takes around 10 to 15 seconds to open. Where as, once opened, subsequent opening of any sheet working faster.

      Some information on our application for your reference:

      1. Total size of the qvw file is around 22MB and the RAM is 4 GB on Server.

      2. It has 8 sheets, lots of Straight Table Charts, Few Bar Charts and Lots of expressions with Nested If else statements.

      3. The Landing page also has lot of expressions, charts.

      If anyone can suggest us on how to reduce the document open time, it would be of great help.