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    Displaying Selected Quarter and Previous Year Quarter in a Graph

    David Petiot



      I was wondering how to display values in a Graph bar for the "currently" selected Quarter (i.e. 2016-1) and the same Quarter last year (2015-1)

      I have been able to create Expressions to return the values for both periods, in a table object by using the below expressions:


      The selection representing the Quarter is based on this field: [Financial Quarter] so current quarter = '2016-1'

      The expression: $(=Max(CRank)) represent the last month of the selected quarter, where CRank is a linear key)

      The expression: [CRank]={'$(=Max(CRank)-12)','$(=Max(CRank)-13)','$(=Max(CRank)-14)'} returns all the months corresponding to the previous year quarter.


      Current Quarter Selection



      Previous Quarter:

      Sum({$<[Financial Quarter]=,[CRank]={'$(=Max(CRank)-12)','$(=Max(CRank)-13)','$(=Max(CRank)-14)'}>}[Field])

      Both expressions are working properly in the table object, but i cannot use those in a graph object when i need to display a bar graph where the x-axis represent the [Financial Quarter], because it only returns the current selection '2016-1', when i need to return '2016-1' & '2015-1'

      So the question is: how can the dimension selection be ignored so both values are displayed?