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    average of earliest values of repeaters

    jade wind

      Hi everyone,


      I have a transaction table where one ID can have multiple transactions on different dates (there are of course IDs that only have single transactions).


      I am hoping to get the average of the earliest values of each repeater IDs. For example ID1 had three transactions on three different dates costing different $s, ID2 had four transactions on four different dates costing different $s and so on. I want the average of the earliest $s of these IDs (and also average of latest $s and then calculate the difference from the average of earliest $s).


      How do I do it?


      I can now create a table to list IDs and Max(Date) and Min(Date) but don't know how to make the Average work. I just need the end results, like Average of earliest, Average of last, Difference.


      Many thanks in advance for any help!