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    Trellis PieCharts

    Court van de Lisdonk



      At the moment I’m trying to get my Dashboard in order. Used the Trellis Option for my PieCharts

      If you watch the Image (see the attach jpgfile)

      You see two Trellis Charts, one normal PieChart and a Table with CompanyNumber, Total Actual, TotalBudget, Difference (Actual – Budget) and a percentage Actual/Budget (= Sum(ActualAmount)/ Sum (BudgetAmount)


      In the TrellisChart above (black and grey) the pies are divided in a part for Actual Amount and a part for BudgetAmount.

      In the second TrellisChart (blue) I try to get the Coverage plan, meaning Sum(ActualAmount)/ Sum (BudgetAmount) , the normal Pie gives the plan part with the right percentages.

      The TestPie DeckungPlan has as Dimension CompanyNumber and as Expression = Num(Sum(ActualAmount)) / Num(Sum(BudgetAmount)) , now it is totally blue


      What should I change in my expression to get in the blue pie for company 1(for example) the 94% blue and 6% another color?

      I have made an Excelfile with how I want it in Qlikview


      Umsatz ist90004500
      Umsatz Plan100007000
      Deckung Plan90%64%

      Thank you in regards