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    about Section Access

    李 爽

      Hi friends,

      Why content running in the Automatically generated scripts after "STAR is *;" in the New subparagraph?

      Thanks in advance!


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          Zhihong He



          The script is just a way to declare to use the symbol "*" as the STAR, otherwise, it may not be recognized correctly when you use it in the section access like below:


          STAR is *;

          Section Access;

          LOAD * INLINE [


            ADMIN, admin01, *

            USER, user01, GROUP1

            USER, user02, GROUP2



          Section Application;

          LOAD * INLINE [


          GROUP1, 1000001

          GROUP2, 1000002




          In this way, the "*" means all the GROUPs you declared in Section Application part.

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            Lakshmikandh Karthikeyan

            In above section access * means all values, but sometimes it will not give proper result.

            So "Star is *;"  is used.