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    Export multiple documents from single report + Sense On-Demand

    Riccardo Zenere

      Hi everyone,


      I'm a beginner with NPrinting. I'm currently working on the version 17.2 (waiting for 17.2.1 to be available again on the download page)


      Is there a way to export multiple documents starting from the same report?

      The scenario is as follows:

      - the user is able to see 5 customers, and needs to export for each one a different document with detailed data of sellout.


      Also, is there a way to fire a NPrinting task from Qlik Sense (I'm on 3.1.1)? I understood that the On-Demand feature is available only for QlikView.

      Is this gonna be implemented anytime soon or do I have to go with the API (see here)?






      Regarding the first question I came up with this. I understand that cycling is not possible anymore, and what is written in the blog is a temporary workaround. What I would like to know is if it's known when this feature will "come back" in NPrinting (mostly because the scenario I mentioned above was just an example, and in the worst-case scenario I'll have thousands customers to cycle on...)