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    Current selections clear out when another selection criteria returns no results

      I know this is a very basic question, but I've been searching the forum and can't find the answer. Let's say I'm looking at orders.

      Issue: when selecting too small of a date range (intentionally or by accident), my current selection of order types (regular and return) gets cleared out b/c there is no data for that date range (this really creates a problem when I lock the order type field for the user, as then they are unable to re-select the appropriate order types and must exit out and reopen the qlikview doc).

      Question: How do I simply solve this?

      I could obviously create empty order records for every order type for every day of the year, but I'm sure there's better way to go about keeping my current selections regardless of the data it finds. Can't I select regular and return orders regardless of the date range--even if say, I select a Sunday and there are no orders on that date. Shouldn't QlikView just give me 0 records but keep my current order types selection?

      This is happening on all my selection boxes.

      Thanks for help.