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    Limit Server Resources for Self-Service Users?

    Thomas Karner



      our key users are using Qlik Sense (3.1) for self-service analysis.

      Some users have access to predefined SQL connections with tables containing multi-millions of records.

      If somehone isn´t well experienced with Sense, it could happen that he joins such 2 tables wich are not matching and creates a carthesian-product, resulting in billions of records and more.

      This could cause a server crash or extremely low performance.

      The requirement discussed now is to assign a limit to certain users.

      This could be e.g.

      - a max. size of own apps in RAM

      - a max. number or records and/or

      - a max. disk space in GB


      Is such a scenario possible to ensure stability of the server for other users and to limit resources for special users?


      BR T

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          Clint Carr

          Hi Thomas,


          Great question, this is how I typically solve this scenario.


          1. Ensure development is separated from Governed Self Service,  I see the scenario you're describing as separate to governed self service, the users are not using pre-created models, instead they are creating new models (potentially with some mistakes).  These users can be provided with a sandpit server, any development performed on this sandpit is effectively ungoverned.  In order to ensure users are not impacted by development activities I prefer to isolate development activities to different engines.


          Qlik Sense Enterprise has a number of configuration options allowing for queries of certain sizes to be restricted, however this is an engine wide config and not available per user.