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    Getting variable from previous load to determine range of next load

      The task: there's a huge db table which will be loaded into qlikview. To decrease the load time of the following loads I will store the data a qvd file.

      When the document is opened next time, I will load the data from the qvd file. Then I would get a max value of the primary key = id. Then I will load additional data from the db table. Just a kind of incremental load.

      script must be something like this:


      LOAD id, ticket FROM ticket.qvd;

      GET (???) max(id) as max_id FROM tickets;

      SQL SELECT id, ticket FROM ticket_table WHERE id > max_id;

      STORE tickets INTO Ticket.QVD;

      I hope the explanation is understandable.

      I anyone has an idea I would be thankful, best Thomas