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    Disable email alert from test server

    Benny Woo

      I have a QV Publisher connects to one production server and on test server.


      I set email alert from the QV Publisher (in QMC, system => setup => Distribution services => Alert email)


      The problem is the alert email will be sent if jobs fail in both production and test server.

      How can i disable alert email if the job failure is from the test server ?




        • Re: Disable email alert from test server
          Peter Cammaert

          AFAIK That's not possible using standard QMC configuration options, and I think for two reasons:

          • Alert emails is an all-or-nothing-affair. Either you enable them, or you disable them globally.
          • A shared Publisher hasn't the faintest idea were a QVW is coming from. Those are just anonymous document files to reload. It's only during the last step (Distribution) that the Publishier has to contact a QVS, and only if you distribute to a QVS.


          Can't you duplicate your Publisher? That would eliminate today's risk of having a test reload job messing up the regular production reloads. There are Test Publisher licenses available as well.