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    Grouped chart missing x-axes lables

    stefan kollberg


      I have created a char that should look like the example below.

      I almost managed to do this except that I cant see the x-axes labels.

      Have i misses something in the enclosed report?.



        • Re: Grouped chart missing x-axes lables
          Juliette Johnson

          Hi Stefan,

          The labels shown on the x-axis in your screen shot are considered to be part of the legend.  The legend will show up on the right hand side once activated.  To activate the legend, go the "Dimensions" tab and check "Show Legend".  I've also checked the option to "show values on data point" on the expressions tab. As an example, I've also created another option for the graph where the bars are horizontal instead of vertical.  This is useful when the values are large and difficult to read once displayed.


          Please see the document attached.

          Hope this helps,