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    Issue with calculated dimension...(Last 12 Months)


      Hi there,

      I need to work in a bar chart with a calculated dimension expressing (in months) the last 12 months from the selected date. In my script I'm only using the functions "Year", "Month" and "Date" over my date field in the database and I use 3 list boxes in the application, one for year, another for months, and the last one for days, to query the transactions in my database. I know the calculated expression for the last 12 months has been a popular issue around the forums, but so far, I've been unable to find and answer that fits my particular situation. I don't have any problem with the expression, which is a simple sum of values over a particular month, but I'm having trouble to get the last 12 months over my dimension axis.

      Any ideas...?

      Thanks in advance