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    Loads freezing when loading multiple spreadsheets



      i have build a QlikView app from lots of spreadsheets when i was in development i wrote the script so it only picked up one spreadsheet to make the reloads quicker. I have now finished development so want to change the script to pick up all the spreadsheets beginning with NBFso i changed the script to the below






      [J:\ADS\Elevate\01_Commerical\1.6 Management Information\QlikView\QV app\NBF*.xls]


      biff, embedded labels, header is 6 lines, table is Sheet1$)

      adding NBF*.xls to the end of the From statement. However, now when i do loads it just freezes - there are no error messages. I can't work out what i am doing wrong can anyone help?

        • Loads freezing when loading multiple spreadsheets

          Any time i have seen that it has been due to qlikview generating a mass of synthetic keys (have you maybe got a "generic" or "noconcatenate" prefixing your load?), as a quick way of enabling you to see the table structure with your new *.xls load, put this before your table lable statament:

          qualify *;

          It's by no means the final solution but will let you get to the next step in debugging