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    QS Programatically applying selections to story and exporting to Powerpoint using API

    Richard Bartley



      Does anyone have any experience of programatically applying selections to Qlik Sense stories and then exporting them to Powerpoint?  From what I have seen in native Qlik Sense, you can embed a sheet in a story, but the story is saved with the selections at the time of creation of the story.  When you hit the 'play" button in the story window, you can alter selections, but these selections are not stored within the story, so when you choose the "Export to Powerpoint" menu option, it is the original view of the story that is exported, not the one with the filters you just chose.


      Ideally, I would like to create a story within the Qlik Sense app, then add an "Export story to Powerpoint" button to my mashup which would use the currently selected values.  Does anyone know whether this is possible?  Is there an alternative approach that would simulate this functionality?


      Thanks in advance,