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    Great to see this space appear

    Steve Dark

      Hi guys,


      Great to see this new space appear on Community.  There was a bit of confusion with the old Wiki still being the best source of information, but some essential bits about the new version in the Qlik help file, and then no one really being sure if the old QVSource Community group was the right place to post questions.


      I'm sure this space will be an excellent resource for anyone using the connectors.


      It's also great to see the beta connectors make a re-appearance.  One of my clients was very disappointed to see those disappear, so will hopefully now be pleased again.


      Keep up the great work on Qlik Web Connectors!


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          Darren Ball

          Hi Steve,

          Thanks for your kind comments.

          We do hope to address the points you raised through this new space as it is a bit confusing at the moment, but then with any integration of 2 companies and their respective systems, I guess that this is expected for a while.


          There is a lot of QVSource content on the old wiki, which we are looking to transfer, but unfortunately it's not a simple "copy and paste" exercise as we need to ensure that it's still relevant and up to date


          Anyway, I'm glad to hear that one of your customers may benefit from the beta connectors coming back


          Thanks again,