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    404 not found with Qlik Sense Mashup

    Paulcalvet Calvet



      I have a problem with Qlik Sense Mashup.

      I make a mashup with Qlik Sense Desktop and everything work fine.

      When I copy it on Qlik Sense Server, I have an error 404 for many ressources, like css folder, image folder.

      Qlik Sense don't find the file.


      I can attach this files if I import them via the Qlik Sense Mashup editor.

      Then a small padlock appears on the files which I import with Mashup editor and Qlik Sense found them.


      Is anybody know why Qlik Sense can't access to the file which is not imported by the editor ?

      I work with Qli Sense 3.1


      Thanks !