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    Issue with QlikSense R3.1.1 and worksheets

      With upgrading to Qlik Sense Release 3.1.1 all our Apps lost the name, description of all the KPIs that were previously shown in the boxes (see below '%_Term.Besuche').


      In edit-mode


      In display-mode


      The only way to bring those names back, is to enlarge the KPI boxes in the worksheet up to two displayfield height. This, however, we don't want to do, because we don't want to reduce the number of displayed KPI's.


      Also, placing these names into the title field of the KPI does not help, as the distance between titel and value is to big and again reduces the number of KPI's to be displayed

      Has anyone the same issues - and is there a work-around available?


      Thanx for any help and best regards