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    Custom Format Cell when a cell contains certain text

      Hi all,


      I have a problem which could be solved with a function that doesn't exist, but am hoping somebody can work out a work-a-round to help me out with this:


      I have a straight table with many dimensions but am trying to format the background colour of some of the cells in those columns.  I want to highlight cells that contain a specific symbol in the text ('>'), but cant find a way of doing it in a formula that i can just apply to all dimensions as i need to reference the name of the dimension that corresponds to the cells in that column in any formula I can find.  And, after a while of searching, there is no function that calls the name of the dimension to apply to a formula.


      I'd love to be able to do a =if(SubStringCount(ThisDimension(), '>'), vGreen, vWhite) or something...


      So other than going into the background colour section of the collapsed menu of each dimension in the chart properties, and writing 70-odd individual formulae asking it to highlight anything containing a '>', is there a way, maybe using the custom format cell option (that has an 'apply to all dimensions' tick box), that I can just highlight any cell containing a '>'?  Or some sort of formula work-a-round that bypasses the need to reference the dimension name?


      Hope all that makes sense!

      Thanks in advance,