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    Dimension in set expression are overwritten. Alternatives?


      I have a dimension called REPORT_MONTH that I use in the following expression in a straight table:

      sum({$<REPORT_MONTH={$(=LAST_QTR_3RD_MONTH)}>} total GMH2_5.I5_VOL_ACC_ARC)

      In this expression, REPORT_MONTH gets overwritten by the variable LAST_QTR_3RD_MONTH. This leads to problems, because my dimension now has two values, e.g. if the original REPORT_MONTH was '200912' the dimension now displays '200912' and '200909'. Is there any way to rewrite the expression above so as to keep the dimension's value on 200912?

      Or more generally: can you use a dimension in a set expression without overwriting it?