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    QTQVCEXTR1 no extractors found for logical system

      Hi experts


      We are using QlikView 11.2.

      SAP Connector 6.3 has been installed.


      All connector types to BW on HANA work fine, except the one for SAP Extractor.


      We have done the setting as described in the document, here for SAP BW, not for ERP:



      Activating an extractor in BW /n/QTQVC/ACTIVATE generates the message below:



      In QlikView connecting with SAP BW and the Logical system QTQVCEXTR1 we don't get any extractors.


      At which place did we miss any customzing in BW?


      SM59 for QTQVCEXTR1 and testing the Connection results in a failure:


      SAP ECC/ERP:



      Any ideas?




        • Re: QTQVCEXTR1 no extractors found for logical system

          partly resolved:

          I have deleted the logical system QTQVCEXTR1 and its corresponding RFC connection in SM59.

          Thereafter recreation of this system.


          Now the extractors are given in Qlik, but the data loading / execute script ends with an error:


          FAILED  Error:
          LOCATION    CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host with Unicode
          ERROR       hostname 'sapbwas04' unknown
          TIME        Tue Nov 22 13:59:52 2016
          RELEASE     720
          COMPONENT   NI (network interface)
          VERSION     40
          RC          -2
          MODULE      nixxhl.cpp
          LINE        183
          DETAIL      NiHLGetNodeAddr: hostname cached as unknown
          COUNTER     1

          SQL EXTRACTOR 80EPM_DS01
          TFRMETHOD T  
          UPDMODE F