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    Questions about Qlik Sense Enterprise

    s Walter



      i use Qlik Sense Desktop and search for a table, where the features are listed for Desktop and Enterprise to see the difference.


      1. I need a Windows Server? Qlik Sense Business Intelligence Systemanforderungen
      2. If i have installed Enterprise and create an app and publish this app (or hub?). The user can call this app under a url?
      3. The app is always live? If i connected the app with a database and the database get new data, then these data are in the app as soon as the user call the url?
      4. I didn´t understand the token model. 1 person creates apps and 5 others should call the app about the url. How many tokens i need? 1?
      5. And the cost´s for 1 token are monthly or one time?




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          Liron Baram


          1. you can install Qlik sense server on windows 7,10 but it only recommend for dev use , you need windows server for production environment

          2.yes you can call an app directly from url

          3.if you reload the data it refreshes automatically

          4.each user that access the app need a token

          5.the on-premise solution it's one time with yearly maintenance, you can look qlik senes cloud where you pay monthly

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            Martin Pohl



            1. a Windows server system is recommend because you can add more memory

            2. You can open an app in the hub or by an url. In hub you can see "your" apps and all apps from streams you are allowed to see. If you want to publish an app you have to publish them to a stream. On a stream you can dedicate users to see the apps.

            3. If you open an app you open the datas from last reload. It is not a "live" connection to your database. If necessary you can reload datas in short intervalls (minutes) if the number of datas allowed short reloadtimes.

            4. A token is - a license for one person at any time to every (dedicated) app.

                                - 10 sessions up to one hour (per month) for users who are not often on hub. The hour starts by entering the hub or open an app by link via url.

            If the 5 users often open the app all 5 users will need a token.

            5. The costs for an token is one-time, but you have to pay 20% maintenance / year. For that you can update your system to every version.