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    Variable Editor no longer works

    Scott Newman

      I went to the Variable Editor app to add a new Container as I have done many times, but got errors.  By comparing with the Variable Editor in our other environments I can see that it is no longer pointing to the Admin container, but I don’t know how to fix it, or how it got broken in the first place.  I tried manually updating the value of vL.ContainerVariable, but that didn't work.


      Please help!  Thanks in advance.

        • Re: Variable Editor no longer works
          Scott Newman

          Found the problem, though not the cause.  The ContainerFolderName column value for the Admin row in ContainerMap.csv had gotten overwritten with the value from another container.  Presumably this was a copy/paste error in the Container Map Editor, although I can't imagine how it occurred.  Once I manually corrected the csv file, VariableEditor.qvw behaved normally.