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    Where Clause

    David Bockol

      I am using the following simple where clause to filter records after they are loaded from an excel file called Active.xlsx.  The where clause does not work, how can I fix the syntax in the script?  I've attached the supporting documents.


      WHERE [Entity Status]='A';



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          Sunny Talwar

          Removed a extra semi colon. Try this:



          LOAD [Entity Status],

              [Policy Type],

              [Profession Flag],

              [Customer No],

              [Account No],

              [Original Eff Date],

              [Policy Eff Date],

              [Termin Date],

              [Student Flag],

              [Source Code],

              [State Code],

              [Base Premium],

              'A' as Entity_Status2,

              if([Student Flag]='Y','STUD','PROF')as Studflag,

              Floor((Interval(Today()-Date#([Original Eff Date],'YYYYMMDD'),'D'))/365) as Yrsins1



          (ooxml, embedded labels)

          WHERE [Entity Status]='A';