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    To Find CrossBooked Function

    Ankur Akash

      Hi Qlikers,


      I have a scenario where I have a master data containing Function and the Area the function is mapped to.

      I have a resource data which has resources booked their hours against the Functions they are part to.


      I need to find how many fuction are crossbooked ? For Ex.

      in, Master table: Function A can only be mapped to Area 'ADAD' and 'ODOD'

      however, in Resource data, A resource has filled his hours against Function A in Area 'ADAD', 'ODOD' and 'MODI'

      In this case, the no. of hours booked under Function A for Area 'MODI' will be called Crossbooked hours

      'lly, Also need to get in the result

      1) No. of function crossbooked (in case of shared excel, the correct answer would be 2)

      2) Count. of resources crossbooked


      I tried with creating a common key approach and then matching the key. I am not getting the result.

      Attached is the sample excel file for the above scenario.


      Request your help.