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    Dynamic header



      I've to load different tables with diffrent headers. The headers I don't need for the app.



      All tables have in common that the titles of the colums are the same (Personalnumer, name, surname, street,...) and the line above the column-titel is empty and in some cases the two lines above the colum-title are empty.


      I can't use the line-numbers because it varies.


      Has anybody an idea how to tell Qlikview to read the table from the line with the colum-title (Personal number,...)  or to read the table after the last empty row  or any other idea?

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          m w

          Syntax will vary depending on the data file type, but something like:


          Where A<>'PersonalNumber';

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              where should I enter this in the code?




              (txt, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is ',', msq, header is 4 lines);



              header is 4 lines - is wrong. There should be a dynamic expression like "header is til line with "Personal numer"

              or something like this.