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    Any plans to NOT have exported rows limited in Qlik Sense?

    Uzo Aneke



      We currently have a serious issue that was not anticipated when we transferred from QlikView to Qlik Sense. In Qlikview, users were able to export all the rows and columns they needed. However now that we migrated to Qlik Sense, we've found that users can not export the same amount of rows they were used to, and either have to limit the number of columns or export their rows in chunks which is not ideal or convenient for some. Hence we've had to use other means of reporting by going to Crystal reports instead of Qlik Sense when users need a large export, which defeats the purpose of having our users on Qlik Sense.


      We are currently on Qlik Sense 2.1.1. Is this issue addressed in future versions of Qlik Sense or will it be?

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          Pascal THEUROT



          Information from Qlik support :


          Qlik Sense has a default limitation for export to Excel from the app. The exported file is truncated when the below number of cells are exceeded.


          Qlik Sense 2 and earlier


          The maximum amount of data in Excel export file is:
          • Maximum 1,000,000 (1 million) cells are exported to an Excel file
          • Maximum 5,000,000 (5 million) cells are exported to an CSV file
          NOTE: The limitation is for number of cells (column x rows), not strictly for number of rows.


          Qlik Sense 3 and laterThe default maximum number of rows and columns in the Excel export file is:
          • 1,048,566 rows per sheet. 10 empty rows are added added at the end of the exported sheet.
          • 16,384 columns per sheet.
          Above details are missing in Qlik Sense Help, but will be added Qlik Sense 3.2 Help with reference to documentation bug QLIK-63404.
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            Uzo Aneke

            Thanks Pascal!


            To confirm, in versions 3.x, should the rows go beyond the 1,048,566 limit you mentioned, does it automatically create a second tab sheet in excel to place the surplus rows or will the user still get a "truncated data" error message when exceeded?


            Same question, for when the columns have exceeded 16,384? Exceeding column amount is not an issue for us, but just good to know.

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              Simon Calzada

              What is the expected behavior of a session when exporting large volumes of data?  Export is instantaneous?  Export can make session appear to be locked up while processing the export request?  Many times users get the false impression that that this is a straight forward process and there is never a mention of the experience.  What happens on the server side?  Can the server be impacted by submitting such requests?  Is it possible to crash a server with such requests?  I know I ask a slew of questions, but these types of questions are often encountered by accident after all of the above have already been identified as a challenge to the user and/or the administrator.  Thoughts?