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    Strange things in NPrinting 17.2.1

    Fei Xu

      Connecting NPrinting to two Sense servers:


      In  this discussion NPrinting with two Qlik Sense servers, Aran from Qlik has said the new version 17.2.1 can connect to two Sense servers. I did some tests and found something strange. Have anyone done the similar test and what is your result?


      I tried to connect NPrinting 17.2.1 to two Sense servers. One is Windows 2008 R2. For this server, I still need to import the certificates otherwise the connection will not work. The other server is Windows 2012, it is working without importing certificates at all (I did save the certificates from Sense server to some local folder that I created on the NP server but not in any default directory...)


      Both servers are working and I can create reports and send out by email without any problem.


      Is that how the new version is supposed to work? I ask this because I don't see anything mentioned in the release notes about it.


      Unfortunately I don't have other Sense servers that I can do test. What if both the Sense servers are Windows 2008 R2 or both the Sense servers are Windows 2012?