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    Rizwan Syed

      Hello Friends


      When we upgrade the QlikView Server version. Do the bookmarks also get seamlessly moved or do we lose the bookmark?

      If I remember correctly we lose the bookmarks.

      But if we do is there a way we can recover them?





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          Sasi Vardhan KV

          Mostly there might be no impact.

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            Liron Baram


            your bookmark should not be deleted when you upgrade.

            any how you can also backup your bookmarks

            your documents bookmarks are part of the qvw files so there isn't a problem with them you can always bring a copy of the model

            your server bookmark are saved for each model in a sharefile  which you can backup

            and replace the file if it been deleted during upgrade


            i just perform an upgrade from QV12 to Qv 12.1 all bookmarks are intact

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              Karthikeyan Subramaniam

              Bookmarks are not getting removed. But sometimes it might get corrupted.


              Also you will see some issues when going from 9/10 to 11/12 versions. You can use power tools to repair them as well.