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    Matrix Creation and usage

    Pratik Kar

      Hi, I am new to Qlikview and wanted to assistance to solve a particular issue.


      Essentially trying to create a dynamic table basis averages of a criteria in a particular city. The value of the same can then be used for analysis similar to vlookup in excel.


      The table based on the dynamic data will be something like below. The list of cities and criteria would vary as per the database and therefore dynamic in nature.


      City 12345


      eg The average value of criteria 1 in City A is 21 etc.


      Now I take a particular row from the database and compare it against the table. Eg.Say criteria 1 for city A in the database is 32 and comparing it against the average 21 we can infer that the value is greater than the average.

      Thereafter all those unique ID's where the amount is greater than say 25% of the averages from the table are displayed.


      Please assist as to how to build the same.

      Thanks in advance