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    strange behavior about changing one dimension to display in "Image"

    Zhihong He

      Hi, all,


      I encounters a strange behavior that after changing setting for one dimension of display to Image in :

      Dimensions->Advanced->Representation, changed the value to "Image", for some reason, all my dimension and expressions changed the "Representation" to Image. As later we encounter "blank value" of some cells in some columns, we then notice this behavior.


      This is related to some pre-processing as below:

      1. Add new  columns,

      2. Change the "Style". As new columns can not automatically using the "Custom" style already used in the table, so I changed the style to  "Pyjama Blue", which is the style we use, but will change the color later. But after his operation, then the dimension which set to display as "Image" before will be set back to "Text".

      3. Change the dimension that need to be displayed as "Image", then all dimensions and expressions are changed to "Image".


      When this happens, the dash in the development display nothing wrong, but when open a dash in a browser, some cells for some columns will display blank or image ( our case it will display logo image used in that dash).


      One thing, we developed the dash in 11.20 SR10, and now using 11.20 SR15 for the modification. 


      May I know whether this is a bug by using style and change "Representation". And is it possible to avoid this?