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    How to track half yearly record with front end script

    Jim Chan

      Hi guys,


      need help.


      I need to track half yearly records - for instances any new records.


      I have field Year  = 2015, number(version)= 2,3  type = 1ST Half or 2ND Half


      i can max(year) or max(number) , but how to max(type) , because it is in string?


      EXPECTED RESULT: I want to know what is the new record for year 2015, 2nd half compare to 1st half.




      i have such front end code: but now. user wants to see Half Yearly, rather than compare year by year.


      (Count(DISTINCT {1<number = {'$(=max({1}number))'}, year = {'$(=max({1}year))'},

      item_id = e({1<item_id = {"=Count({1<year = {'<$(=Max({1}year))'}>} item_id) > 0"}>})

      >} item_id))