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    Unzip file from website using certicate

    Suzan Wijnans

      Hi, hope you can help.


      Here's the situation:

      1) I have a website on which cloud data is made accessible

      2) I can access the website through a certificate and key

      3) It then prompts me to download/open a zip.file

      4) This I download and store in a QV directory

      5) The file needs to be unzipped. I've downloaded 7zip for this.

      6) Result Files are in JSON and CSV format

      7) Qlikview needs to pull data into a datamodel for me to use


      The first 6 steps can of course be done manually. It would be great if we could automate the whole process.


      Here's what I've tried:

      Using REST connector to connect to website using certifcate and key. The result is a response header with a single line table containing data Content-Disposition][Transfer-Encoding], [Connection], [Strict-Transport-Security], [Content-Security-Policy-Report-Only], [X-Frame-Options], [X-Content-Type-Options], [X-XSS-Protection], [Public-Key-Pins-Report-Only], [Content-Type], [Date], [Server], [__KEY__response_header] ,


      No clue what to do next. Any ideas?