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    fabio Mazzarelli

      Hi Community


      request Date: 02/11/2016 (format: dd/mm/yyyy)

      Closing Date: 02/11/2016 (format: dd/mm/yyyy)

      Request Time: 85034 should be 08:50:34

      Closing Time: 112701 should be 11:27:01


      Elapsed Time: (Closing Time - Request Time)


      How could I determine elapsed time?





        • Re: NUMBER TO TIME
          Manish Kachhia

          While Loading...use below


          Time(Time#(Num([Request Time],'000000'),'hhmmss')) as [Request Time],

          Time(Time#(Num([Closing Time],'000000'),'hhmmss')) as [Closing Time].




          Now you can use as below at front end

          Interval([Closing Time] - [Request Time])