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    Peek command in the script


      Have input data with field name


      Have statement in load script as

      Let vPreValue = peek('Value');

      With this statement I am trying to define a new variable


      as the value read in for the field


      in the previous record

      After reload, when I create a new sheet object as a chart/straight table, for the straight tagble in the expression editor under variables I see a list of available variable names to use in the straight table but I don't see the new varible


      that I thought I defined in the load script. I am new to this, so I probably don't have the correct concept or syntax here. What am I doing wrong?


      Here is what I am trying to accomplish: My data consists of a field "Date" which contains dates, and a field "Value" which contains the numeric value associated with each date. I want to define a new variable "vPreValue" for each value of "Date" that contains "Value" from the previous record.

      Any suggestions.







        • Peek command in the script

          for using peek with just one parameter, you have to usit inside a load statement

          if you are going to use peek with a variable, you have to specify the source table e.g. :

          Let vPreValue = peek( 'Value', 0, TableWithValues);

          0 --> You have to specify the record you want, usually , using this kind of function envolve 'for' control statement .