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    Not sure about QlikView License



      I see from the link www.qlik.com/us/~/.../license...definitions/License-Metrics-and-User-Definitions.ashx in google. I found couple of categories in there.

      I need your help to understand which fits to my situation better. My requirement is, I have 5 accounting users and we have many QlikView reports. These accounting users would access multiple (>=2) documents. They access it through IE. They use it for more than an hour on daily basis.

      Which category of license would be best fitted to my scenario.


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          Peter Cammaert

          Every QlikView Server comes with 5 Named CALs by default. You can start with those 5 Named CALs and 10 Document CALs.


          I'm suggesting these amounts not only because your requirements leave a lot of room for interpretation but also because it's never a good situation when you have to tell a new user in urgent need of access that you first have to order additional licenses.