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    how to use set analysis in order to capture selections on the qv application


      I have an existing qlikview application, in which there's a graph whose y axis value is calculated by an expression which is stored in a variable say $(vMonthlyUptime) .The calue is calculated corresponding to every month which is taken on the x-axis of the graph. there's another list box on the same sheet which is fetching values from a field named ISRFBApp. This field has only two values, one of them is RFB App.

      Now in the same application, I am using another sheet, in which I am using a pivot table which will read the value from the graph after selecting the value "RFB App" from the ISRFBApp listbox into one of its columns. In order to achieve this functioanliy, I used the folowing expression ,


      sum({$< IsRFBApp={"RFB App"}>}$(vMonthlyUptime))

      Please let me know whether the above expression is fine, as it doesn't give me the desired results.