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    Background Listboxes

    Court van de Lisdonk



      I looked everywhere. I have some Listboxes for Year, Quarter and Month (see Dashboard.jpg).

      They have a white background and no caption.

      The Background of my Dashboard is also White. When I choose a year, the Background of that year becomes green, the others get a grey Background. That is Standard Qlikview.


      Now I want to give the background standard an other Color then White when no year is set.

      I kooked everywhere, you kann change Colors at many places, but I didn't find the place where I can change the backgoundcolor of Listboxes


      Year, Month and Quarter ar defined as an Expression. should I give the Listbox there an other Background Color? And when that's the place, how can I do that?


      I use Qlikview Version 11 SR10


      Thanks in regards