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    Decouple selection boxes between sheets

      Hi there,

      this might be an absolute beginners question, but I wonder if there is a way to decouple selection boxes between different sheets, so that selections made on a certain sheet do only affect objects on this particular sheet and not all sheets and objects.


        • Decouple selection boxes between sheets
          John Witherspoon

          It is really not designed to work that way. There might be some way to save and restore selections by triggering a macro every time you leave a sheet to store the current selections in a bookmark for that sheet, and every time you go to a sheet load the current selections from a bookmark for that sheet. I thought I tried to figure out how that would work a long time ago and failed, but I don't see any evidence of the attempt, so maybe I'm just remembering describing it as a possibility. Definitely not something I'd try to tackle as a beginner. And honestly, it's just something I would do even if I could. I think you're better off here following "The QlikView Way", which is that all charts on all sheets are running off of the exact same selected data (with occasional exceptions due to set analysis). If you truly MUST decouple the selections, the only other thing I'm thinking of is making two separate applications instead of two tabs.