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    Qliksense Map

    bhavani b



      I need to build a Map in Qliksense for the below cities.Please find the attachment.

      For these cities which KML File I need to consider and I don't have the latitude and longitude fields.

      Also is it possible to put the drill down in qliksense map.I need to put City and Postal code in the map Drill down.

      Please help me to do.




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          Arnaldo Sandoval

          Hi Bhavvi,


          I will get you started, first, I took a couple of cities from your list: Worcester and Milford, then I gots its coordinates from Google Map, the solution file (attached) perform an INLINE load for these to cities, the columns on this inline load are: City, Patients, Latitude, Longitude, then within the same INLINE load a created a new colum using QlikSense's function GeoMakePoint, I named this table: Data_Sample. Once I loaded this data, on the User Interface I dragged a map component, and because the Data_Sample contains a GeoMakePoint, it allowed me to define the map.


          Please see the attachment, and select the MAP sheet.


          NOTE: I used this solution to help somebody else, that's why you will find other stuff in the application.

          NOTE 2: You do not need a KML file at all.


          Hope this helps,

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            Liron Baram


            there is no drill down capabilities, in the map

            you'll need an extension mapping

            starting from version 3.1 you don't need kml file

            qlik sense should create the geo point automatically