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    Mashup not retaining selections

    Reema Dangwal

      Hi All,



      I have created a Mashup using mashup editor in Qliksense dev hub.


      In the mashup i have created a login page, where the user can enter client id and password and once validated, they can see their dashboard.


      The client id field's value (html field's value in the login page) is passed to Qliksense app - client field and corresponding selection is made and the data in the dashboard is accordingly reduced.


      Is there a way, that this mashup on the same app can be referred by different users, and the  selections are not impacted by each other.


      For Example: I have two clients:

        Client A - Opens the Mashup using http://localhost:4848/extensions/<Mashup>/<Mashup>.html, enters his user id/password and sees       his dashboard.

         And in another browser Client B - Opens the Mashup using http://localhost:4848/extensions/<Mashup>/<Mashup>.html  enters his user     id/password and sees his dashboard.


      However now the dashboard that Client A was viewing has changed as per the login of Client B, since client B is passed as client field    value in the underlying app.


      Is this problem because of using desktop edition and will it get resolved once deployed  in Enterprise edition? Or shall i make any other change.