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    current selection and aggr function

    Sabine Böning



      I really need your help with current selection and aggr function.


      The result should a table like



      Ø time in minute

      1 very high


      2 high


      3 normal


      4 low




      This should show the average time per priority for all tickets are closed in the filters canonical month..


      = sum(Aggr(only({$<DateType={'close'},  reaction_time_1stlevel= {"*"} ,createmonth=,create_time=,createdate=,createdatekompl=,createyear=, dwh_archive= {1}, category={'Incident' }>}     reaction_time_1stlevel ),tn, Priorität))
      count({$<DateType={'close'}, createmonth=,create_time=,createdate=,createdatekompl=,createyear=, reaction_time_1stlevel= {"*"} , dwh_archive= {1},Kategorie={'Incident' } >} DISTINCT tn)


      I had sum the reaction_time per ticket per priority and divide them by the number of tickets per priority.

      There some filters too, like category or dwh_archive.




      I implemented a master calender with Canonical_Date and chose the right one with Date_type “create“ or Date_Tpe “close”.


      The problem is, that it should ignore the filter in create_month but it doesn’t.

      I suspect the answer is obvious, but I cannot find it!


      Thanks,for any help


      Best regards