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    Sum if date equals max date

    Silvia Ganhao

      Hi guys,


      I'm back again


      See the attached app please.


      In Sheet A I have a table.


      My first problem was solved with this help   Re: Get Max Date Ignoring dimension


      Now I have another problem.


      Example of context:


      I have a store, and times to times I count all af my products, I do an inventory of my stock.


      so I have a count at 01-06-2016:

      product A - 15

      product B - 30


      And another count at day 30-06-2016

      Product A - 24

      Product B - 0


      so in my table I want my max date equals to 30-06-2016 (solved above)


      And sum of quantity for product A equal to 24 and for product B equal to 0


      Because at 30-06-2016 there was no stock for product B.


      Did you understand my problem?


      I'm trying this, but its not working :

      Sum({<RecordType={"Stocks"}, Date={"=$(=Date(Max(total <StoreCode, ProductCode> {<RecordType = {"Stocks"}>} Date), 'YYYY-MM-DD'))"}>} Quantity)


      Thanks in advance for any help.