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    Waterfall: Negative Values shown as '0' and wrong

    Stefan Gegg



      I'm facing a somehow strange error in QlikView:


      I'd like to show a Waterfall chart from one year to the next, displaying the countries which are "growth accretive" or "dilutive"...

      Somehow, it works with 3 charts... haha - I think I don't need to figure out which problems I will have with that workaround.


      The best thing would be, to have all bars combined in one chart... Well, somehow I managed to do so with the "Pick" Function using several dimensionalities in the chart (See screenshot, second chart)

      It comes to an more or less good picture, except the negativ figures on the growth: They are drawed in the wrong direction and the number shows "0" and not a negative figure. On the axis, the right value is shown somehow.

      I don't need to use the "pick" function as a solution, maybe one of you has better ideas to draw this in one chart?

      Maybe you also know how to edit the existing chart to come to the desired chart?

      Also, I'd like to keep the flexibilty to have more or less countries between these two FiscalYear-bars:I don't want to have an expression for each and evry country in the middle... that's why I went this way until now...

      I also added the .qvw to let you have an insight how I implemented everything.

      Many thanks for your help!