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      i have a problem when i want to select data from a listbox.

      There's a listbox containing lots of data, and i want to select some of them based on a Excel document.

      for example, the listbox has 1000 number from 1 to 1000, and now my colleague want me to select 100 number from the listbox, and he give me a Excel document containing the 100 number.

      the problem is i don't want to select them one by one.

      and what could i do?


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          Gordon Savage

          If I understand correctly, you want to only load those which match the excel document? If so you need to load the data from excel then load your main data using 'exists' in the load statement.



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              As per my understanding you want to select only those values in listbox which is specified in ur excel file. It's not straight forward you need to do some work around which is as under:-

              You first load you excel file in using mapping load i.e.


              MAPPING LOAD


              'Excel' AS Group

              FROM MyExcel.xls;


              Later in your actual data for the same field you create a group based on above reloaded mapping table i.c.

              APPLYMAP('MapExcel', ListBoxField, 'Missing') AS Group

              So in this way u will get a extra selection field called group which will have to values "Excel" for data matching with Excel file and "Missing" for the data not specified in excel file. Then simply you can select the Excel group to select values specified in excel.