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    Connection to Qlik service failed, shutting down. OnEngineWebsocketFailed

    Abrar Ansari

      Hi everyone,



      I am working with Qlik sense .Net SDK. I am using AsExistingSessionViaProxy() method to authenticate user. After authentication i fetch list of App to display in drop-down control.


      Scenario of Issue: Suppose a user has open an app in web browser. and I open same app form my code using same userid then i get an error pop up saying connection lost.


      Pop up display when i call this function: location.App(appIdentifier)




      Code sample:


         location.AsExistingSessionViaProxy(sessionId, "X-Qlik-Session", certificateValidation: false);

         var appIdentifier = location.AppWithId(appId);

        using (IApp app = location.App(appIdentifier))  //Pop up display when this line execute.


                list = app.GetSheetList().Items.ToList();