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    Combo Chart - Swap expressions and dimensions

    Piotr Lipski



      I have simple database with audits results:


      CountryGrouprestKPI1 KPI2
      Country1Group 1store112
      Country1Group 2store221
      Country1Group 1store333
      Country2Group 4store422


      I'm trying to do Combo Chart with few information:

      • Bars - Score per each store
      • Line - Trend for group
      • Line - Trend for country


      We should be able to analyze only 1 country and 1 group at the same moment.


      My problem is that I always have chart like below, so each restaurant and score.

      Bez tytułu.png


      I would like to get KPI category and each restaurant

      Bez tytułu2.png


      Next problem could be trend for Group and Country but as I think TOTAL will help me.


      Do you have any ideas ?