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    Help with table not showing the results

    patrico mesri

      Hi experts of Qlik.


      • The first table has Society, Code, Customer.

      Column "No Vencido" is:


      if(today( 2)<=(BLDAT+ZBD1T), Sum({<"SHKZG"={S}>} DMBTR)-Sum({<"SHKZG"={H}>} DMBTR))


      The following columns are more or less the same but the range is different:


      if((TODAY( 2)-(BLDAT+ZBD1T))>0 and (TODAY( 2)-(BLDAT+ZBD1T))<=30,Sum({<"SHKZG"={S}>} DMBTR)-Sum({<"SHKZG"={H}>} DMBTR))


      • The second table, if I remove Society column, I don't get any results at all.



      This is what I want the table to show: One single row for the customer.

      CodeCustomerNo Vencido0-3031-6061-9091-180>180
      1000012FIDESA SA1133$-----540$


      If I leave the society field, it gives me more than one row due to the fact that there are different societies which is correct but I remove it, it doesn't sum.

      Thank you in advance.