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    Understanding use of Data Load Editor

    denis Brennan

      hi all,


      I've made good progress in Sense desktop but have only used Quick Load. All my reading suggests I need to get familiar with Data Load Editor but I'm confused, When I quick load and then go to the DLE to edit/amend the load script, I'm seeing messages suggesting that if I do so I cannot use Quick Load in the future for the given app. I'm sure I'm misunderstanding but any guidance would be great.


      BEst wishes


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          Arnaldo Sandoval

          Hi Denis,


          Quick Load assist you to get your Qlik Sense application up and running very fast, it is a great feature, but, sometimes the data you loaded requires some business rules, or you want to transform the original data, perhaps by adding new columns, this is when you need to take control of the load script by modifying it. You can do that with the DLE.


          Later on, when your skills improve or when you get a better understanding of the data required by your qlik sense application you will split the load process, you will create sections to load some of its dimensions, those requiring special rules or transformation, while you will keep using the Quick Load on those the application will consume as it.


          Hope this helps to clarify your doubts.