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    Users are prompted for their credentials when opening the AccessPoint

    Ali Azizi

      Hello all


      We have a single server (Windows 2012 R2) with IIS 8. We have recently upgraded the QlikView server from 11.2 SR11 to SR15.

      The installation is performed as "Single server with IIS". Right after the end users are not able to logon the AccessPoint via their PCs. They are prompted for User ID and password, and every time they enter their credentials, the pop up window appear again. And they cannot hereby access the AccessPoint.


      I can access the AccessPoint both directly on the server and outside the server as I'm server and QlikView administrator, but the end users cannot. It seems that some authentication issue causes this problem, but I cannot find out what. Maybe I'm wrong and something else is the reason for this issue.


      before upgrading the QlikView installation we also were running IIS 8 on this server, and I don't know why something should be changed now!


      Any help is appreciated.


      Kind regards